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Created on 2009-05-04 23:45:06 (#285489), last updated 2014-06-28 (250 weeks ago)

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Name:Dyeing fiber: all types, all kinds
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Community description:Fiber-dyeing and other craft-related dye work
[community profile] dyeing is a place for all things dyeing--fiber, not hair, that is! Actually, related stuff like dyeing basket reed and similar would be welcome too, of course. Stuff about natural as well as synthetic dyes is welcome here, although there is a new community on DW just for natural dyeing: [community profile] naturaldyes. I do not maintain that comm; this is just a heads-up.

Questions about dyeing for a certain kind of project are 100% welcome here, but in-depth discussions about other fiber crafts like spinning, felting, knitting or weaving might be better posted in another comm (or not, I'm not gonna freak out about this unless I have a real good reason :)).

I don't want to have a lot of moderation here, but sometimes it comes in handy to lay down some ground rules:

1. Be respectful. This includes everything from being civil to somebody who disagrees with you, to refraining from sexist, racist, and homophobic language (or any other hate speech).
2. Along the lines of #1, please feel free to share your passionate point of view here--but dyers of all stripe are welcomed, so be cognizant of each others' differences and interests, y'all. Everyone, from the technical dyer to the brand-new dyer, is welcome here and should feel heard.
3. Pics bigger than 500 px in any direction need to be behind a cut, please.
4. If you must advertise another community here, it should be strictly fiber-related. Only one advertisement per community is permitted. Let's keep the focus of this comm on discussion!
5. Commercial advertisements are welcome on Fridays only; please only place one advertisement a week. If Etsy widgets are larger than 500px in any direction, please have mercy on folks with slow computers and pop them behind a cut. :)

Suggestions for other guidelines? Disagreements? Issues? Please contact [personal profile] laughingrat, your friendly group mod.

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acid dyes, bamboo, cloth, cotton, dyeing, fiber, fiber reactive dyes, flax, hemp, linen, mx, procion, silk, tencel, wool
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